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Planting Day coming soon!

Well here we are again!

Looking forward to your company on July 27 for an hour or two as we further help beautify Mooroolbark! More info or RSVP - please phone 9726 8898.

5 Ways

Keep an eye out for some re-vitalising work to Five Ways in the weeks ahead, as the Shire works to improve the gateway to Mooroolbark. The diagram shows some of the patterned planting that will be completed on the traffic islands!

The yellow areas will feature native everlastings and the red shaded areas a red grevillea. Green - a low growing native grass. Should be good!

A prize-winning poem!

Congratulations to Pembroke Primary School for winning the prize given to the school accumulating the most prize-winners at this years Celebrate Mooroolbark writing competitions.

And congratulations to Mia Gordon from Bimbadeen Heights Primary School who won second prize in the Grades 3-6 division of the Celebrate Mooroolbark writing competition with her poem Mad Hatter's Tea Party:

There was an invitation at the door,

A Mad Hatter’s Tea Party and you must be there by 4

Down in the garden for all to see.

With some Mad Hatters sitting under a tree.

Rainbow stocking and polka dot skirts,

Ladybugs heels and big yellow shirts.

Bright red lipstick on everyone’s lips,

And in my hair butterfly clips.

There was a tea party over there,

With some Mad Hatters sitting there

Cupcakes, muffins and chocolate too

Even with a granny just like YOU.

Giant lollypops everywhere,

Popping candy exploding through the air

Party pies with blueberry jam,

OMG! There’s a 5-legged ham!

Laid on the table for all to see

Was a bright coloured teacup only for me

87 clocks with all hands missing,

Knives and forks all kissing.

Out on the lawn fun games we played

Funny dancing and silly noises we made

Handshakes, backflips and cartwheels

There was so much laughter and squeals.

As the sun began to set

We all started to make a bet

I don’t know who’s going to win

Yuk! Mr Hare won a bucket of skin!

As the party slowed down

There was nobody around.

What a wonderful night

Don’t let the bed-bugs bite!


Writing Comp winner!

This week we bring you the winner of the Celebrate Mooroolbark writing competition - Grades 3-6 division. Congratulations to Joshua Duach from Pembroke Primary School.


Once upon a time, in a poor, poor town there lived a very beautiful girl named Violet. She had brown hair, green eyes and she always wore her beautiful violet dress with a picture of a red rose on the front. She was always nice to the people of her town and never committed sin. 'Good morning to you all' Violet shouts from her doormat.

'Oh good morning Violet, what a fine day it is.... But did you ummm…………happen t-to have…………..
any money on you' said the dwarfs.

'Sorry not today, maybe next time' said Violet with a sad facial expression.

'Oh okay, bye' the dwarf says trying to hide his emotion.

Then came a bunch of knights in an enormous huddle. 'Separate!' shouted a familiar voice from the centre. As the knights opened up there huddle out came the prince of France. 'I am here for Violet' says the wealthy prince with a deep voice.

'Oh Prince Bruno, I am very sorry to say this but, Violet has gone to the lake Forrest with William' says an old woman from the town. 'Well go get her; don't just stand around like stupid knights' says the prince ordering his knights. 'There is something we need to talk about' said Prince Bruno with a smile on his face.

As Violet and William were walking around the Forrest a lot of interesting topics came up. 'Where are you from?' said William. 'That is for me to know and you to find out' said Violet cheekily. 'Well I am from England just in case you want to know' said William. Violet smiled. 'I have to go, bye' said Violet walking away. 'Wait, I didn't get your name' shouted William. 'That's for me to know and you to find out' screamed Violet. William chuckled as he packed all his fishing gear and started walking back as well.

When Violet was halfway home, the knights came and picked up Violet. 'AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH' screamed Violet before being put to sleep by a Knight. Once William had heard the scream, he immediately ran towards the direction of Violets home. Once he stopped running he tripped on something. When he was back up on his feet, he saw that he had tripped over one of Violets shoes, and that's when he got worried and he started to run even more. When he reached Violets home town he asked the old lady where she had gone.

'Excuse me have you seen a girl go past here?' asked William. 'Well what's her name?' asked the old woman. 'I don't know but she has brown hair, green eyes, and a Violet dress' said William. 'Oh yes, my daughter just saw her, apparently she was knocked out and on a knights horse' said the old lady talking a little more quietly. 'Did they say where she was going?' asked William getting a little bit frightened. 'Well they were heading in that direction so I think they must be going to the circus' said the old lady pointing to the left. 'Thank you very much, I will head to the circus now' said William feeling determined to save Violet.

When William arrived at the circus he saw Violet being screamed at by Prince Bruno. 'YOU LEAVE HER ALONE', screamed William pushing Bruno to the ground. Whilst William was fighting Bruno, Violet sneakily grabbed the sword from one of the knights and threatened to stab them if anyone got involved in the fight. `I'm warning you, take one step closer and it will be a bloody mess' said Violet. While William and Bruno were fighting William got on top of Bruno and started punching.

'Run, run while you can' said William still throwing punches. 'Then what's going to happen to you?' asked Violet feeling worried. 'That's for me to know, and you to find out' said William. 'Okay' said Violet under her breath. 'I can do it' she mumbled. Then she turned around and stabbed all three of the knights. Violet ran and ran. Then she stopped and thought about William and how much she would miss him if he was killed.



Violet was a grown woman she had her own house, a job and hundreds of Violet dresses, but there was one thing she was missing.... Bang Bang Bang, there was a loud knock on the door. 'Coming' shouted Violet from upstairs. She opened the door and she couldn't believe who was standing at the door. It was William with a red rose in his hand, the exact same one as the one on her Violet dresses.



Fancy a bit of G & S??

Looking for a good afternoon out on June 1...??? $5 sounds like pretty good value and helps a good cause!

Anzac 2014

On a gorgeous late autumn day, we gathered grateful for our freedom and sobered by its cost...

Mayoral Brekky

Book now for the Mayoral Breakfast on the National Day of Thanksgiving - May 31. Guest speaker Adrian Hyland - acclaimed author of Kinglake 350 - speaking about the heroism exhibited during the Black Saturday fires.

Two Crazy Cats

Once there were 2 purple crazy cats and their names were Levi and Isla. They loved to smile all
day long. But one day they had a problem they lost their smiles when they were playing in a ball pit.

Their smiles just fell off. They were both SHOCKED! They searched all over the play centre. Isla dived down head first into the ball pit but she could not find them. Levi climbed up to the top of the tallest slide but he could not find them. Once he got down the slide he had an idea. “Let’s check the jumping castle,” he mumbled. “Good idea,” answered Isla.

So they both went to the jumping castle to have a look. At first they could not find their smiles but then Levi saw them hiding in the top corner. Both Isla and Levi jumped as high as they could but they could not reach their smiles. “I give up,” said Levi.

“No don’t,” said Isla,” Let’s try one more time.” So they both jumped as high as they could and their
best smiles returned to their happy little faces.

By Levi D, Grade I - Pembroke Primary School (Second prize winner in Prep-Grade 2 division at Celebrate Mooroolbark)

Illustrations Cameron B - Warranwood Primary


A Girl in the Desert

This is the first of a series of stories from children who won prizes in the Celebrate Mooroolbark Writing Competition. Our first is from Tegan who won first prize in the Prep-Grade 2 division. Tegan attends Pembroke Primary School.

Long, long ago in the desert there lived a girl call Tegan. One day she wanted to go ice skating so she looked to see if there was any ice but there was none. She looked for some ice everywhere but just could not find any. Then she bumped into the Sphinx and asked him if he had seen any but he had not seen any either. Then she walked for a bit longer and bumped into a frog.

She asked him if he had seen any ice but he had not seen any either. Then she walked further down a hill in tears. Then she had an idea. She thought to herself "Why don't I invent sand skates?"

This was a fantastic idea as Tegan was very creative. So she invented the world's first set of sand skates.

The end

The illustration is from Cameron B from Warranwood Primary


What a day!

It was a beaut day! Celebrate Mooroolbark 2014 - a flourishing community celebration!

Expressions of appreciation came from many unexpected quarters. I was particularly moved by the reflective comments made by seasoned festival attendees - some of whom were seeing the festival through seemingly new eyes. Their comments dwelt on the powerful way the Festival provides increasing numbers of people in our community with the opportunity to linger together and have a small glimpse of the joy of mingling, chatting, smiling and laughing together - enjoying the laughter of children, the talents of local performers, the flair of those who dress up, the atmosphere created by the stalls, presentations and activities...

From the community stage to inside the Community Centre...

The Mad Hatter's Tea Party!

Not many sleeps to go before Celebrate Mooroolbark 2014.

Let the creative juices flow as you prepare your mad hat for the day!

The colourful street parade will wend it's way down Brice Avenue about 10am.

And don't forget children's author - Andy Griffiths will appear during the early afternoon.

For more details go to

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